Athens Pattern

This pattern draws its inspiration from the historical part of the city, specifically the area around the rock of the Acropolis. Shapes and elements from ancient ceramics, linear compositions in the style of the Doric order, columns, tiles from the Philopappos Hill promenade, owls and the Athenean sun come together in a composition.

The Athens pattern is screen printed by hand on natural fabrics in the only traditional printing house of this kind in Greece. This is a 'slow' manual procedure that confers unique texture and feel to the final product. The patterns are printed on 100% cotton canvases created by greek textile makers. All colors used are water - based and eco - friendly. Each product comes with a unique composition of patterns.
Shapes and elements from the Acropolis area.
Athens is blue. The screen ready to print.
Fabric shopping bag and fabric vase with the Athenian pattern.
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