knit project

In the Knit Project metoo meet Eftychia Sarri, the creator of Gaenus studio. Gænus is an Athens-based fashion brand that explores new forms and textures, focusing on their signature style of versatility. They draw inspiration from the basic archetypes of clothing and encode in their garments narratives of the social, cultural and individual identities of the contemporary world.

It is a collaborative, multidisciplinary project in which the two designer brands join forces to create a genderless, seasonless, capsule collection.

The collection consists of four cotton-made pieces,: a sweater, a pair of vermuda shorts, a scarf and a beanie hat, all in one size and one color combination (black and royal blue)

The four archetypical pieces are reinvented into unique items, by applying the jacquard technique to bring the M2P "Cyclades” pattern to life. The Cyclades pattern is based on embroideries and other shapes to be found in ceramics of the Aegean islands.
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