Kriezotou 3 window. An artist exhibits.

The Benaki Museum Shop presented the creations of our team as part of the “Kriezotou 3 Window. An artist exhibits” at N.Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery, on October 2016. The concept of the exhibition can be summed up in one phrase, "one dress – one detail". It is based on the 'deconstruction' and 'reformulation' of elements, taken from the intricate adornment of a Cretan dress from the 17th century. This process includes the elimination of colors, the change of scale and it focuses on details that represent nature scenes of existing and non-existing creatures, which as a result has the creation of a post-modern image.
The objects have been designed following the team's research on the creation of motifs and their application on the use of everyday objects. Wooden geometric shapes with printed details of the motif were designed especially for this exhibition. They can be used as place mats, trays, or as wall decorative artworks.
ONE DRESS / ONE DETAIL - Cretan dress from the 17th century from the of Benaki Musem collections
Design process - Removing colors - Focusing on details
Design of two different patterns from the embroidery of the dress
Sets of objects with details of the pattern, that can be used as serving surfaces or as wall decorative artworks
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