Pictures everywhere: in our grandmothers’ wovens, in the embroideries of our family houses, in our travels all over Greece, in the museums ...The main inspiration of our project «cross the wall / sarakatsani» is the nomadic tribe of Sarakatsani. We isolate details and patterns from their costumes and create simple monochrome compositions. An additional reason for choosing the art of Sarakatsani besides aesthetics is the “magic” power that accompanies their patterns reducing them in amulets for “good and beauty.” The Sarakatsani embroider their symbols as to be magical and protective, dominant elements of nomadic life. Simple archetype designs reminiscent of geometric decoration from the Neolithic Era...
We participate in the exhibition, with a scarf and an amulet. The scarf is printed with the silkscreen method in limited edition on fabric of linen and cotton. We consider the scarf to be the perfect canvas to show the design of the Sarakatsani costume. The amulet highlights the magical and protective properties of the patterns. Isolating the shape of the apron from the costume we use it as a symbol. It is made of printed linden wood.
The project "cross the wall / sarakatsani" is a collaboration with Stella Sotiropoulou
The greek nomadic tribe of sarakatsani used to embroider magic and protective symbols on their costumes. We pick details  from a sarakatsani dress and form a monochrome composition on linen&cotton fabric. The canvas is printed with the silkscreen method in limited edition.
Silkscreen print on natural fabric.
small square scarf & talisman for the neck - wear it your way.
square scarf
The motif is printed on natural fabric with the silkscreen method in limited edition. 

talisman for the neck, for the ears and for heart 
We choose the form of the sarakatsani apron, print it on linden wood and create a talisman. Print on linden wood, with bronze components

Motif inspired from the the embroideries of the sarakatsani costums.
Exhibition - Emeis EDO (We here) 27-6-2014
Residents of EDO
Silk-screen printing on various surfaces, creating objects with patterns and details from the costume of the sarakatsani nomadic tribe.
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